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Kuwait City, Kuwait

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At Seazen, we produce hospitality experiences that go beyond the plate. We brainstorm, conceptualize, and deliver thoughtful hospitality services and concepts, to create joy in every dish and every bite. We started in 2009 with our flagship Melenzane concept and have worked hard every day since then to create greater eating experiences, and tell more unforgettable stories. About our Brands: Melenzane; Italian, Redefined. A world of eccentricity and modernity serving authentic Italian dishes with a twist. Welcome to Melenzane. Seazen's flagship restaurant concept and where we first discovered our fiery passion for crafting truly unique dining experience over 8 years ago. After spending a year taking in the craft of Italian cuisine at the hands of one of Sicily's foremost chefs, Nino Trapani, our founders came back home with an inspired culinary vision. A vision to re-introduce Italian cuisine, with an innovative eastern twist. Bring your imagination, your friends, and your appetite -- and leave the rest up to us. Melenzane currently has branches in Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, KSA and soon in Bahrain. Trapani; Together tastes better, come one, come all. If you've got good stories to share, Trapani's got a home for you. As Seazen's second Italian dining concept, Trapani is our ode to the cicchetti -- tha all-Italian serving style that's meant to be shared in small portions and happy company. We unleashed the wild and innovative spirit we found in Melenzane to tell yet another Italian story, with yet another twist of taste. With the raw comfort of organic Italian recipes, plus an airy and decadent atmosphere, at Trapani we let the food do the talking and you do the enjoying. Recco; Keepin' it real. Give a hearty buongiorno to Recco, a laid-back retreat in the urban center of Kuwait for casual conversation over warm loaves of buttery, fluffy, one-of-a-kind focaccia -- It's Manuelina's secret recipe and we're not telling. We're serving up focaccia creations from the heart of Italy's most remote and authentic cheese-making towns. Come in on any given day and take a number. Then just chill for a quick beat and take in the cool energy of the room. Before you know it you'll have your own focaccia tossed, baked, and ready to Recco.

Entities: Catering,  Restaurant

Cuisines: Italian



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